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Brushes, Tools, and Accessories


We have over 1,000 different paintbrushes in stock! Winsor and Newton, Princeton, Connoisseur, Robert Simmons, DaVinci, Richeson, FM Dynasty Brush, Isabey, Liquitex, Royal, Loew/Cornell and more! Plus we offer several different brush sets.

Specialty Brushes

Princeton Sensu digital brushes, Solo lettering and sign painting brushes. Yasutomo and Connoisseur oriental brushes and wood sticks. Art Alternatives stenciling brushes. Princeton Catalyst blades and wedges. Davinci Flogger brushes.

Palette Knives

RGM Italian standard and specialty blade knives, Liquitex standard and large knives, Art Alternatives and Pro-Art plastic student knives and sets.


We carry a wide selection of painting palettes for every medium including multi-well palettes, sealed palette boxes, palette paper, palette cups, wood & plastic handheld palettes and more!

Don’t forget to clean your brushes with several cleaners, brush basins and washers to choose from—Masters Brush & Hand Soap, Winsor and Newton brush cleaner, Escoda Brush Cleaner, Pink Soap, Kiss Off, Silicoil and Jack’s Linseed Brush Cleaner. Richeson, Heritage and Art Alternatives brush basins and cleaners.


Paasche and Aztec. We carry most airbrush accessories and parts for these brands including cups, tips, hoses and compressors.