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Go on an art adventure and explore a world of essentials at Central Art!


Craft and Hobby


Screen printing inks, tools, fabric, screens and sets (Jacquard, Speedball). Block Printing inks, linoleum blocks, linoleum cutters and brayers (Speedball, Akua, Richeson, Gelli Plates)


Sculpey and Premo polymer clay, air dry clay, modeling clay, mold making and casting products, plaster rolls and powder, Celluclay for paper mache, ceramics and stone carving tools, ceramics clay.

Fabric Paint and Dyes

Procion tie dye, I-Dye fabric dye, Tee-Juice fabric markers, Sharpie Stained fabric markers, Pinata paint for silk painting.


Book cloth, wax thread, needles, awls, repair tape, hinging tape, PH neutral adhesive, Davy Board, bone folders

General Craft

Papermaking supplies, stickers, metal leafing supplies, Pebeo Vitrail glass paint, Pebeo Moon and Prisme mixed media paints, UVfx paint.


Artist tapes, masking tapes, scotch tapes, double-sided tapes, ATG tape, archival hinging tapes, document repair tape, line tapes, duct tape, 3M spray adhesives, liquid glues, rubber cement, adhesive sheets, glue dots, glue sticks.


X-Acto and Excel knives and blades, wood carving sets, scissors, cutting mats, paper cutters and rotary cutters.

General Craft

Stencils, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, masks

Safety and Clean Up

Cotton and latex gloves, protective glasses.