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Standard and adjustable triangles, French curves, flexible curves

Drafting Pencils and Accessories

Lead holder, lead, lead pointer, erasing shield

Drafting Supplies

Erasing shields, drafting dots,dusting brushes, master scale map measuring

Lettering and Stencils

Alphabet and numeric stencil and vinyl lettering ¼”-6”, wax-board stencils, lettering guide, patterned and design stencils


Bow compass, geo-master compass, drawing and drafting set, dividers, ruling pen, extension beam, clip compass


Yard sticks, t-squares, cork-back steel rulers, L-square ruler, clear beveled, engineering and architecture scales, proportional scales, protractors, geometry sets, parallel glider, pica point, compass rule, pantograph, versa-ruler, ring-o-ruler, straight edges


Architecture, house furnishing, landscape, plumbing, electrical, human figure, pocket pal, square, circle, isometric ellipses