Kid's Art and Activities
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Go on an art adventure and explore a world of essentials at Central Art!


Kid's Art and Activities

Activities and Games

Contraptions, Structures, Catapult, Trebuchet, Wrecking ball, Skippity, Gambit, Qwirkle

Art Kits

Paint-by-number, scratch foil,drawing sets, painting sets, color creativity art sets, Paint-your-own kits


Colored pencils and crayons, Waldorf colored pencils, chalk, posterpaint, oil pastels

Easels and Accessories

Creative easels stations, paint cups, chunky brushes, easel accessory kits, easel paper rolls, easel paper pads, aprons, brush & smock set


Face paint, patterned duct tape, cartooning, poster paint


Sketch, mixed media, drawing, watercolor, storybook and construction paper, finger painting pads