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Central Art Gallery Featured Artist

Central Art Gallery announces its inaugural Third Friday show featuring local artist Allen Smith. Smith recently finished his Master of Fine Arts degree at Texas Tech University and this will be his first show since returning to the Rogue Valley. The exhibit will be from 5-8pm during Medford’s Art Walk Friday, April 16th. Central Art Gallery is located in downtown Medford at 101 N. Central.

Fri. 4/16 5-8pm - Art Walk (exhibition)
Sat. 4/17 12-1pm - Artist Talk / Q&A
Sun. 4/18 12-4pm [by appointment] - open visit / public review

"Allen Smith (b.1985) works fluidly across artistic media, traditional and new, anchored in a foundational practice in painting. His tone ranges from deeply sincere, to tongue-in-cheek propositions, to the ironic, self- & culturally-critical, sardonic, and quirky.

He mines art history to revitalize bits and pieces which otherwise might get tossed out with the changing trends, and collapses multiple referents of time into a contemporary context. He is seeking a longer-trajectory traction through progressive integration."


(Excerpt from artist's statement)