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Central Art Gallery announces its May 2022 "3rd Friday" art show, spotlighting the works of Featured Artist - Students of Charity Hubbard's Rogue Classical Atelier.

The exhibit will be from 5-8pm during Medford’s Art Walk Friday, May 20th. Central Art Gallery is located in downtown Medford at 101 N. Central.

Fri. 05/20 5-8pm - Art Walk (exhibition)


"The work will be comprised of oil paintings and charcoal drawings from the certificate program students. Students in this advanced program currently range in age from 14 to 45 years old. 
All classes, particularly the atelier program, provide technique, studies, exercise and project instruction that build and progress, culminating in fast and perceivable skill growth and higher levels of mastery.  These are tried and true methods that define classical instruction.
The work will be varied in terms of genre - yet all rendered and composed with enthusiasm, dedication and joy in the craft as students work with passion and diligence towards higher levels of mastery and skill.  We hope that you will feel uplifted as you view the beauty and hard work that this collection of works represents - for and by this group of young, talented and dedicated artists.
There will also be a few paintings by Charity Hubbard as well, founder and head instructor of Rogue Classical Atelier."

- Charity Hubbard, Artist/Instructor, Rogue Classical Atelier

Instructor's Bio:

Charity Hubbard has been a professional and fine artist for over 20 years.  She lives in Southern Oregon and finds much inspiration around her in landscape and people.
 Trained in perspective and drafting, Charity has illustrated for architects and builders, rendering technical yet artistic architectural illustrations in a variety of mediums. 

Charity's current art pursuits are in fine art oil paintings of people, landscape, animals and architecture. Charity also instructs classical art lessons through her private atelier, Rogue Classical Atelier.  Along with help from intern instructors, classes are offered to all ages: adults, teens, youth ages 6 and up.