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Central Art Gallery Featured Artist

Central Art Gallery announces its October "3rd Friday" art show, showcasing the works of Featured Artist Jay Gordon. This series draws its inspiration from the popular "Inktober" drawing prompts challenge on Instagram. 

After extensive forays into music (as a professional bassist) and medicine (as a pediatrician), Jay was living in Washington, D.C. and was so deeply affected by the art in the city’s amazing museums that in 2014 she became fully devoted to drawing and painting. Since then Jay has been experimenting with all kinds of art, including portraiture, illustration, still life, figure drawing and printmaking. After moving to the beautiful Rogue Valley in 2017, Jay has been affiliated as a painter and illustrator with Enclāve Gallery & Studios in Ashland, Oregon, and has been exhibiting and selling work throughout the Pacific Northwest.

The exhibit will be from 5-8pm during Medford’s Art Walk Friday, October 15th. *FACE MASKS REQUIRED* Social distancing is strongly encouraged. We are strictly following CDC's COVID-19 guidelines - click here for more info. Central Art Gallery is located in downtown Medford at 101 N. Central.

Fri. 9/15 5-8pm - Art Walk (exhibition)

  The work that is featured in my October illustration series was first conceived and created through my participation in 2020 as part of a popular Instagram drawing prompts challenge called “Inktober," in which artists create and post an ink illustration every day in the month of October, with only a one-word prompt as a guide.

  What started as an entertaining way to practice my drawing and connect with other artists during quarantine turned into an entire series of work featuring a character of my own creation, having all kinds of adventures in a pre- and post-quarantine world.

  Using prompts to guide the content of the illustrations led me to an exploration of narrative imagery and play-on-word humor; the use of a limited palette of black and red unifies the work’s overall aesthetic.  In addition, featuring my Inktober character in each illustration turns the series into a sort of dreamlike story.  By employing strong design, creative concept, and a sense of playfulness, my hope is to elicit a sense of whimsy and imagination in the viewer.

-from Artist's Statement

Check out more of Jay's work here: