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Central Art Gallery Archive

Central Art Gallery May 2023 Featured Exhibit - Roni Marsh's Oil & Pastel Class
May 2023 3rd Friday Art Show

- Roni Marsh's Oil & Pastel Class

Central Art Gallery April 2023 Featured Exhibit - "Expressive Portraits"
April 2023 3rd Friday Art Show

- "Expressive Portraits" Various Artists

Central Art Gallery March 2023 Featured Artist - Allen Smith
March 2023 3rd Friday Art Show

- Allen Smith

Central Art Gallery February 2023 Featured Artist - Desmond Serratore
February 2023 3rd Friday Art Show

- Desmond Serratore

Central Art Gallery January 2023 Featured Artist - Vanessa Jo Bahr
January 2023 3rd Friday Art Show

- Vanessa Jo Bahr

Central Art Gallery December 2022 Featured Artists - Central Art Staff

Left: Yasmine Lentfer

Top Right: Leland Struebig

Bottom Right: Sally Terry
December 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Central Art Staff

Central Art Gallery November 2022 Featured Artist - Belinda Moffit
November 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Belinda Moffit

Central Art Gallery October 2022 Featured Artist - Sumner Brock
October 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Sumner Brock

Central Art Gallery September 2022 Featured Artist - Mabrie Ormes
September 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Mabrie Ormes

Central Art Gallery August 2022 Featured Artists - SOSA (Southern Oregon Society of Artists)

August 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- SOSA (Southern Oregon Society of Artists), Featured Artists

Central Art Gallery July 2022 Featured Artist - Danielle Rose

July 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Danielle Rose, Featured Artist

Central Art Gallery June 2022 Featured Artist - Jarrett Rex Davidson

June 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Jarrett Rex Davidson, Featured Artist

Central Art Gallery May 2022 Featured Artist - Rogue Classical Atelier Students

May 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Rogue Classical Atelier Students of Charity Hubbard, Featured Artists

Central Art Gallery April 2022 Featured Artist - Snow Winters
April 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Snow Winters, Featured Artist

Central Art Gallery March 2022 Featured Artist - North Medford High School AP Art & Design Students
March 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- North Medford High School AP Art & Design Students, Featured Artists

Central Art Gallery February 2022 Featured Artist - Rhino
February 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Rhino, Featured Artist

Central Art Gallery January 2022 Featured Artist - Julian Bell
January 2022 3rd Friday Art Show

- Julian Bell, Featured Artist