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Beginning Relief Printmaking

Beginning Relief Printmaking - Exquisite Corpse

Instructor: Leland Struebig

When: Saturdays, November 6 & 13 (2-part workshop)

Where: Central Art Classroom

Time: 1-5pm

Fee: $80 (for both sessions)

Class Size: 6-12 students (12 max.)

Registration Required.

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Learn the fundamentals of Relief Printmaking while participating in one of the time-honored traditions of fine art.  You’ll engage with your classmates through the Exquisite Corpse exercise to produce a fine art relief print that combines your hand cut linoleum plate with that of two other students.  At the end of this workshop you’ll have the knowledge and experience to design and produce relief prints as an independent printmaker.

You’ll learn:

- Basics of cutting tool selection and care

- Fundamental techniques of linoleum cutting

- How to design a relief block (plate) and transfer design for cutting

- How to select the inks and paper to produce a fine art print

- How to properly roll out and ink for printing

- Registration techniques for printing by hand or on a press

- Etching press fundamentals for relief printmaking

- How to title, number, and sign a fine art print

The workshop will be conducted in two 4 hour sessions one week apart.  Each student will take home a finished print made from your relief plate in combination with two other students.  Linoleum, ink, and paper will be provided. Please direct all inquiries about class details to

Required tools and materials:

- Speedball cutter with variety blades (or similar combination of cutting chisels)

- Sketchbook

- HB pencil

- Fine point black Sharpie

Instructor Name:
Leland Struebig
Instructor Bio:
Leland Struebig studied fine art as a freshman at San Diego State University. After moving to Wisconsin he graduated from University of Wisconsin Stevens Point with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree where he specialized in painting and printmaking. He has been living in the Rogue Valley since 2015. He works at Central Art Supply in Medford and coordinates the exhibits for the Central Art Gallery.

Beginning Relief Printmaking

$ 80.00
(includes 2 Sessions)
EXPRINT:   Sat, Nov 6, 2021 at 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Sat, Nov 13, 2021 at 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
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