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WC101: "Watercolor 101: Paints, Pencils, Brushes & Surfaces" with Lara Strazdas

Instructor: Lara Strazdas
When: Friday, May 13th
Time: 1:00PM - 5:00PM Fee: $95

Classroom at Central Art
101 N. Central
Medford, OR 97501

Dive into the world of water media in this 4-hour workshop, exploring the many forms in which watercolors can be found: tubes, pans, pencils, pens, crystals, & powders - you'll even learn about how to make your own!

We'll experiment with different techniques to create various textures, both realistic and abstract. Take a "field trip" next door and get a good look at the different surfaces and mediums used with watercolors. You'll learn what makes a good watercolor brush, the differences in brush shapes and types, and how to maintain your brushes so they will last a lifetime.

Watercolor plays well with many other mediums, and we will delve into its multitude of uses in mixed media art.


I will supply:





Transfer paper


You will need to bring:

Watercolor brushes:

Synthetic are fine. I recommend Escoda Prado, Princeton Aqua Elite or Princeton Red Velvet:

2-3 Round brushes (Size range: 1, 4, 6)

- 1” Wash brush


Watercolor Pencils: 

- 3-5 colors in a brand of your choice. (We will be doing a Poison Dart Frog so choose some bright colors.)

1 Caran d’Ache Aquarelle White


Of course, if you already have watercolor supplies, please bring them!

Skill Details:
All skill levels.
Instructor Name:
Lara Strazdas
Instructor Bio:
Born and raised in Oregon, Lara Strazdas is a wildlife artist and photographer whose love of nature and animals has been inspiring her creative side from a very early age. Art and animals are a constant in her life, and she remains to this day fully committed to both passions.

A self-taught artist, Lara enjoys learning as much as she does creating - experimenting with new mediums and techniques to expand her knowledge and creative repertoire.

WC101: "Watercolor 101: Paints, Pencils, Brushes & Surfaces" with Lara Strazdas

$ 95.00