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P is for Possibilities in the Pastel Landscape with Eve Miller

Pastel Artists of Oregon present
Workshop by Eve Miller
October 12, 13, 14 2023
Thursday, Friday, Saturday 10am-4pm


Central Art classroom
Medford, Oregon

*Registration required.

is for Possibilities in the Pastel Landscape

A workshop dedicated to elevating your art practice and artistic journey wherever you are on the path. Daily demos will focus

tools, tips and techniques to explore possibilities for successful landscape painting. In this workshop we will explore the following
and more:

How to have a game plan-motivation vs inspiration
Ten Steps to Success
Thumbnails to paintings
Color Schemes, atmosphere and mood
How to add texture-products and tools
How to appraise rather than critique your work

“If you are not going to get a thrill, how can you give someone else one? You must feel the beauty before you start." - Charles Hawthorne



IT’S ALL ABOUT THE PROCESS: learning the right way while having fun and
getting to your next level on the artistic journey...

PASTELS: I do not use oil pastels. I use hard pastels by NuPastels or Rembrandts .

Soft Pastels I use Terry 
Ludwig, Richeson, Unison, among others.

I use mostly:


DEEP ORANGE 212 (NuPastel) 

have to be exact # listed

SOFT PASTELS in a good range from light to middle tones, to darks - LOVE Terry Ludwigs’ darks

I like Girault, Great American, Terry Ludwig, Mount Vision and Blue Earth for


SUBSTRATES: Mostly UART 400 grit mounted, so it doesn’t curl when I add products for techniques.
You can mount your own, on gator board, using repositionable spray adhesive.

I also use gator board, NOT foam core, that I prime with clear gesso or 
textured gesso

Multimedia artboard pink label and others...

I like very much Pastel Premier and Lux Archival - each gives a different result

- Any set of watercolors
(warms and cools) - I like Payne’s Grey and Burnt Sienna specifically which is a cool and a warm for

- Rubbing alcohol 70 or 90% - 90% dries fastest

- Tracing paper if needed to identify 3-5 big shapes

- I use glassine to protect my

work, in a pinch wax paper.

- Clear gesso, and I also use sludge (another 
version of gesso - it’s not clear, it’s light gray)

I also keep on hand fine pumice gel, Art Spectrum Clear primer and pastel ground
400 grit, pastel dust , Spectra Fix fixative - part of the process sometimes.

Once I demo you can decide what you might want to try. No need to have 
everything I use. Use what you already have. This workshop is about techniques 
and possibilities.

A good all purpose reasonable soft pastel set is Terry Ludwig 14 Landscape

I line my easel with foil and add a wet paper towel to catch dust.


- VIVA paper towels (less lint)
- small water spray bottle
- baby wipes
- a 
mirror to look back and see what the painting needs
- neutral beige masking 
tape and black artist tape to frame at the end of a painting
- pencil & sketchbook 
for thumbnails
- Tombow m
arkers if you have them for thumbnails in varying values: light, medium light, medium dark, and dark.
- old oil bristle 1 inch brush

- small palette knife

Your own reference photos in color and in black and white - SMALL 4x6 or 6x8. SIMPLE 3-5 BIG SHAPES

IPad is fine too.

“I believe in the study of technique."
- Robert Henri, The Art Spirit

Eve’s email : for questions
Phone: 843

Instructor Name:
Eve Miller

P is for Possibilities in the Pastel Landscape with Eve Miller

$ 450.00
Registration open for Members ONLY at this time. Each session includes one hour lunch.