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Watercolor 101: "Splash Into Color" with Lara Strazdas

When: Friday, June 9th, 2023
Time: 1pm-5pm
Location: Central Art classroom

Fee: $95 / person

Max. capacity: 8 students

*Registration required.

Workshop Description:


In this single 4-hour session workshop we will dive into the world of watercolors. We will take a field trip to the watercolor aisle where we will explore the types of watercolors: tubes, pans, pencils, pens, crystals, even how to make your own! Then we will pop over to the brush aisle and we will look at what makes a good watercolor brush, the differences in brush types and shapes and how to maintain your brushes so they will last a lifetime. We will take a look at the different surfaces and mediums used with watercolors.


Back in the classroom we will apply different watercolor techniques to create various textures and effects on hot and cold press papers. 


Watercolor plays well with many other mediums and we will discuss its uses in mixed media art.



You will need to bring:

- a drawing board or other hard surface i.e. gatorboard to tape your watercolor paper to.

Painter’s tape (I recommend the green Frog Tape)

Brushes*: medium round (size 4-6) and flat or angle (size 4-6) and  ½’ or 1” wash.

*if you already have brushes please bring those. However, if you have used them with oils or acrylics, I recommend you get different brushes. 

The portable water brushes (brushes that have a synthetic brush with its own water supply) will also work. Please get a round and a flat.

You can use natural or synthetic brushes.

If you don’t have any brushes you might want to wait until we discuss the brushes. Then you can pick a few during our break.



- Kneaded
- Tombow MonoZero eraser/pen style (optional)
- Pink Pearl (optional)


Watercolor Pencils:  Pick out 3-4 in the colors you like. There are several brands to choose from, any will be fine. Or if you already have some, bring those.


- 2 water containers: these do not need to be anything special or fancy. You can use food containers (i.e. yogurt or cottage cheese containers, jam jars, etc.) as long as they are clean, free of any food or oil residues. Plastic, glass, silicone, or porcelain is fine. You need two, one for clean water and one to clean your brushes in.


I will provide:

- Watercolor paints

- Palettes

- Papers

Skill Details:
All Skill Levels
Instructor Name:
Lara Strazdas

Watercolor 101: "Splash Into Color" with Lara Strazdas

$ 95.00
Single Session