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DRAWING 8-Week Course with Deb Van Poolen

Drawing 8-Week Class

When: Wednesdays starting January 17th, 2024
Time: 3pm-5pm
Location: Central Art Classroom

Fee: $250 per 8-week session

Max. Capacity: 8 students

*Registration required.

Drawing the world as we see it around us in perspective seems elusive to most people. However, the keys for anyone to draw what they see are indeed within reach! Deb's promise - quoting author and esteemed art instructor Betty Edwards - "If you can write your name, you can draw what you see."  
In this class, instructor Deb Van Poolen will set you up for success each step of the way as she shares drawing exercises easily achieved in succession. Each exercise builds on the previous one and by the end of eight weeks, students naturally flow right into making sophisticated drawings.

Students will utilize both their right and left brains, experiencing a wide range of drawing techniques which they can practice at home in order to hone their skills. Starting by learning how to copy two-dimensional shapes focusing on line, shape and value, students will move on to drawing three-dimensional objects, finishing off the class with a large, high-contrast study of a still-life set up in the classroom.
Deb has taught hundreds of people how to draw using these techniques! The smaller size of this class will ensure that each student gets the attention they need in order to gain the skills presented.

If you have questions about this or any of Deb's classes, you can contact her at:

Please see examples of the instructor's work and more information about Deb HERE.

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All Skill Levels
Instructor Name:
Deb Van Poolen

DRAWING 8-Week Course with Deb Van Poolen

$ 250.00
8 sessions