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SEASONS IN WATERCOLOR 4-Week Course with Alisha B. Whitman

Instructor: Alisha B. Whitman
Date: Tuesdays February 27 - March 19, 2024.
Time: 10am-1:00pm
Location: Central Art classroom
Max. Capacity: 15 students

Fee: $100

Registration required.

Read more about the instructor here

In this class, students will get to paint with a full range of colors! Each week we'll start with a warm-up and then jump into painting a landscape from one of the seasons, starting with a spring scene on the first day, summer one on the second, autumn on the third and ending with a winter wonderland on our last day together.

You can bring your own photo inspiration or use the example Alisha paints from during her demo.

Alisha uses her nearly 20 years experience painting to teach techniques and skills, while encouraging everyone to develop their own creative voice. All experience levels welcome.


Please bring any watercolor supplies you already have. Alisha doesn't require that you have the same brand or exact paint colors, but does recommend high-quality paints and paper. Here are suggestions:
-140 lb watercolor paper. Arches is my favorite, and at least an 8x10 (or larger) block is really convenient for class. Also bring a small pad of inexpensive paper (something like the 6 x 9 in. Strathmore vision watercolor pad). 

-Watercolor brushes - at least a large (size 10) and a small round brush (size 2). A liner and scrub brush are also very helpful. 

-Watercolor paints - You can buy a set or individual tubes. You'll definitely want the primary colors (like Permanent or Pyrrol red, Hansa yellow, Ultramarine or Cobalt blue), and it's nice to have secondary ones as well (Pyrrol or Permanent orange, Permanent and sap green, Imperial purple). Other colors I like are Wisteria, Shadow Violet, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Umber, and a pink. You do not need white or black.  

-Watercolor palette with a lid and wells for mixing - Alisha will happily help you set up your watercolor palette (and show you what else you need) on the first day.

-Water cup

-Towel or paper towels


-Kneaded eraser
Skill Details:
All Skill Levels
Instructor Name:
Alisha B. Whitman

SEASONS IN WATERCOLOR 4-Week Course with Alisha B. Whitman

$ 100.00
4 Sessions