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GET REAL WITH PASTELS - A Horse of Different Colors - with Lara Strazdas

Get Real with Pastels: A Horse of Different Colors


Date: Saturdays, March 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2024

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Where: Central Art Supply Classroom

Cost: $195.00/person

Instructor: Lara Strazdas

*Registration required*

Direct Contact:  541.899.3297

Read more about the instructor here

In this 4-part workshop we will be using PanPastels and pastel pencils to create a beautiful portrait of a horse that really shows its true colors. The reference photo shows how light plays an important part in exposing how there are many colors in what our eyes and brains blend into a single color. We will mix PanPastels like paint to create the multiple subtle colors of this beautiful horse. I will walk you through how I chose the rich color palette for this portrait of a ‘brown’ horse and how you can pick and match colors for yourself in your own references for future art subjects.  Using a diverse palette creates interest and depth.


Equines are so diverse in shape, size, color, patterns, and texture and make for fun, beautiful, and interesting subjects. They have several fur textures, even on just one animal, from the various hair types of the mane and tail to the peach fuzz-like hairs of their soft muzzles. They might be silky smooth or curly or shaggy, and they come in just about every color.


So please join me in March to learn how to pick colors, mix Pan-Pastels like paint, and create a colorful portrait of a beautiful horse.




Neutral Grey


Orange* (can be mixed)

Red Iron Oxide


Permanent Red

Hansa Yellow

Burnt Sienna

Bright Yellow Green


Permanent Green


CarbOthello Pastel Pencils

100 Titanium White

615 Dark Ochre

681 Light Flesh Tint

390 Prussian Blue

685 Light Ochre

430 Mid Ultramarine (blue)

690 Golden Ochre

330 Purple

692 Light Golden Ochre

642 Light Caput Violet


Faber Castell Pitt Pastel Pencils

160 Magenta Violet

138 Violet

157 Dark Indigo

270 Warm Grey 1


Additional materials               

- Paper stumps

- Derwent rice paper stumps

- Kneaded eraser

- Tombow Mono Zero eraser

- Sofft Tool sponges:

                Art Bar, round – 1 package of 3

                Art Bar, pointed – 1 package of 3

                (you may wish to get a few other tools on day 1)

- Drawing board or other hard drawing surface

- Tape (low tac such as green or yellow Frog tape) (not necessary if using a magnetic



I will provide the PastelMat.


If you already have soft pastels, PanPastels, or pastel pencils of any kind and want to use those, please bring them.


We will be mixing colors using the PanPastels like paints and use the pencils for the fine details. (I also have a list of the PanPastel tints and shades you can use if you don’t want to mix colors)


If you have any questions, please contact Lara directly.

Skill Details:
All Skill Levels
Instructor Name:
Lara Strazdas

GET REAL WITH PASTELS - A Horse of Different Colors - with Lara Strazdas

$ 195.00
4 Sessions