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23SC Smooth Cotton is a professional grade, fine texture polyflax/cotton blend canvas that has added durability and longevity due to the synthetic polyflax fibers. The three coats of acid-free, virgin acrylic titanium gesso creates an ultra smooth surface with minimal absorbency to manipulate the paint and achieve translucent effects.

Whether you are a student developing your craft or an accomplished artist, 23SC is perfect for workshops as a less expensive alternative to linen. It's almost like painting on linen for half the price!

FEATURES of 23SC Smooth Cotton:
  • Ultra smooth, medium weight canvas ideal for portraits and details
  • Polyflax/cotton blend is substantially stronger than 100% cotton duck
  • Minimal absorbency permits paint manipulation and translucent effects
  • Triple acrylic primed with acid-free, 100% virgin acrylic titanium gesso
  • For oil, water-based oil and acrylic
  • 11.5 oz primed